Bar Menu


Drink me

I just tower over everyone in umbrage

-5,000 gil

Eat me

at least i'm not smaller than the mouse

-5,000 gil

Drinks (Alchoholic)

Cheshire’s Grin

up to his old tricks again

-3,000 gil

Jabberwok's Breath

Don't ask us how we make it, it's a real nightmare.

-2,500 gil for either

Drinks (Non-Alchoholic)

Hatter Tea

(just don't let hatter speak Scottish for too long)

-2,000 gil

Dormouse's Coffee

“Never tell The Hatter that there’s coffee at the table ‘lest you really wanna see a Mad Hatter” ("don't think i didn't see that!" *says the Hatter!*) with/without whipped cream

-2,000 gil


Kings Sandwich

Not Noble or royal? luckily there's a meal fit for a king (lucky you huh)

-4,000 gil

Hidden bream

Tired of Cheshire stealing our grill fish? hopefully he will never know we tucked in cabbage and cover it in thick broth

-6,000 gil

Alice's Cheesecake

Alice has a sweet tooth & a craving for cheesecake "Alice's Cheesecake" made for you Alice ♡

-4,000 gil

Royal Red Queen Tart

Down with the Bloody Big HEAD! (just don't let her hear you say it. looking at you hatter) 

-5,000 gil